* Graphics and Gifs
* Graphic making hiatus due to school
*10 exams coming up in may, getting ready to die
*i really hate physics it makes me cry
*Hates snow and lacks vitamin D
lau ▪ 18yo ▪ esfp
i really love these boys and he is my whole world


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then and now. 2012 debut showcase // 2014 comeback showcase



My blog has reached many achievements and one of which would be hitting an astounding number of 10,000 followers and the other huge numbers listed above, all of which I’m extremely thankful for. Never in my life would I have expected to be this successful in theme and graphics making/blogging. Of course, my sincerest thanks would be to every single one of my followers, those who supported my themes and last but not least, those who sent me encouraging messages and compliments which no doubt made each of my day better. I promise to keep making great themes for you guys and spam your dash with pretty graphics. Thank you all for this wonderful past 14 months and I wish to spend even better times with everyone in the future~ ♥

These are roughly over 150 blogs which I follow and has kept my dash a wonderful place. Do check out my blogroll in case I missed out anyone! 

Everyone listed below are mutual follows.

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omg thank you poh TT_TT and omg congrats on the 10k im so proud of you! ♥♥♥

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osh turns twenty 

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This flowerboy is way too perfect here …

part 2: Luhan - part 3: Baekhyun - part 4: D.O - part 5: Xiumin

someone call the doctor

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"Sooo confused do you not like kris?"

why do you guys take things so seriously? lol no i like him! i just like to point fun at him like wtf is galaxy hyung please

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